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It's like the idea of "innocent until proven guilty," except in this case, it's "possible until proven false."That said, however, I find myself majorly suspicious this possibility, mostly because it seems like Mayer's dating history has been so busy, I don't know when the relationship would have happened (or, like, how it would go unnoticed by literally everyone).

I'm going to call this one a joke and call it a day — but if you want proof, here's a list of some ladies Mayer has been romantically connected with, in somewhat chronological order.

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But Jessica is ultimately an old-fashioned girl who's been fixated on walking down the aisle since Day One.

John Mayer loves making headlines with his word choices, and his latest interview doesn't disappoint.

He's featured in the March issue of Playboy, continuing the trend he set last month in Rolling Stone by talking all about his past relationships and personal life.

I mean, personally, I shudder at the thought for Tina Turner's sake, because she is queen and can do so much better.

(Mayer, on the other hand, should consider himself #blessed if this is true.) But, is there any grain of truth here, or is it just a throwaway joke?

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