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The gender of both perpetrators and victims has an impact on all forms of violence across the lifespan, including violence among teens/youth.Adolescence is a key time to provide young people with the knowledge and skills to develop healthy relationships that are free from violence and abuse.Dating violence, which often involves "common assaults" such as verbal threats, pushing, slapping, punching and any injury that requires first aid, is up across the country, a report from Statistics Canada says.The numbers, which encompass a wide range of relationships (boyfriends and girlfriends, exes and many permutations of intimate entanglements), were compiled from police reports from urban centres, and they exposed a troubling trend: Victim numbers doubled to 17,028 in 2010 from 8,596 in 2004.This investment will help to build this evidence base by investing in intervention research to measure and assess changes in attitudes and behaviours, while also identifying what works, for whom and in which settings.The investment will also support knowledge exchange so that effective programs can be identified and incorporated into ongoing practice.These skills and behaviours can pave the way for healthy relationships throughout life.

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Most commonly, the violence was unleashed at the victim's home, but younger victims aged 15 to 19 were more likely to be assaulted in public – on a street, or at school.

Raising awareness around "intimate partner violence" is key, Dr. "We may do a better job of casting the net wider and having a more general public understanding of partner violence as being any partner – not just somebody you're living with or married to.

It can happen in any intimate relationship." Tips for parents Claire Crooks, associate director at the CAMH Centre for Prevention Science, co-developed an educational program called The Fourth R, which looks at building healthy relationships in Grades 7 to 12.

Similar to spousal violence, much of the violence in dating scenarios happens after the relationship is over: 57 per cent of perpetrators were exes, according to another Statscan article, this one from 2008.

"Violence" included assault, sexual assault and homicide, as well as threats and criminal harassment, a trademark of dating violence since many of the victims and offenders do not live together.

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