Aol hangs at updating locations

Download the repository zip files from their source, and install in Kodi using Install from zip option.Then update what needs updating, from the manually installed repos.Ares Wizard Maintenance tool is a good replacement for Indego, as a Kodi Maintenance tool.It clears cache, packages, and thumbnails, manually or automatically.For a guide to Installing Kodi in Ubuntu (Linux), See the section on doing exactly that, at the bottom of this very page.Repositories are where all the Add-ons which give kodi it amazing abilities are.This guide will attempt to cover the Windows installation in the USA (English Speaking) with possible work arounds to being blocked in other countries.

Install from zip" in Kodi Most of the links provided below, are from the OFFICIAL developer, of the repos and add-ons, and the actual source you were using before, from these repos.

The Looking Glass Wizard has a really good, configurable maintenance tool, which can clean manually, or automatically.

This is a great option if you don't want to use Indego.

When you need to go back a page or level, and there is no ..

up one page / level (parent) option, the following will work:1) Right Click in an empty space on the page you are on 2) Left click the page / path title in the top left corner of the page 3) Press the Backspace button on the keyboard 4) Press the Escape (esc) key on the keyboard NOTE: Some fixes for issues resulting from repo sites being gone.

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