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In addition, while most other similarly free antivirus programs download more than 50 Mb of virus profile to populate your local signature database, Avast downloads just a few kilobytes after installation.User Interface Since the 80s when its antivirus product first came out, the Avast program's interface has gone through several iteration refinements but the latest 6.0 version simply retains much of the preceding version except for a few new icons.

The most useful is its File System Shield which it checks files as you open it and cleans infected ones.Running a suspected program that is sandboxed disables altering your Windows registry and saving files.Installation and Set-up Like any freeware, you only need to download the Avast! The process is a breeze and requires no rebooting in its boot-time scan.This features was once only available from previous paid Pro versions.Another new feature is its Auto Sandbox facility which puts suspicious executable files or programs to run safely in an isolated virtual environment where any virus damage is contained.

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