Avira is not updating

Okay thanks Their is KIS & TIS as above, both 2015 (which were are copyrighted 2014).f As stated above should I wait or get the 2016 version, or get this year's version & just get the updates at a cheaper price & 'discounted' price?

I use my Tablet for riskier stuff as I do no banking on there but I still have several programs to protect it as well.Useful Links: Please use the Virus Removal Help thread if you need assistance in removing a virus.That thread also contains basic virus removal instructions.Back in the days of using XP as my OS, I used the free version of Zone Alarm as my firewall. I've decided to disable the Windows 10 firewall, and run Comodo for a few weeks.Not that I've had an issue with the Windows 10 firewall; I'm running Comodo more to satisfy my curiosity and see if there are any features lacking compared to the Windows firewall.

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