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After a few moments, Tracy flopped onto the bed beside me. She grabbed the vibrator and turned it off, and laid her head on my chest. My voice came out deeper than usual and cracked, as if I had forgotten how to speak after all my moaning. She was so wet and aroused that it went in without difficulty.She put her hands on my chest for balance and started bouncing. I felt Tracy tighten just slightly, and I knew she was getting close.I moaned louder, giving in completely to the sensation. I collapsed on the bed, sliding forward off of Tracy's cock. The climaxes I had with her cock inside me always felt incredible, but they didn't always result in a full orgasm. Her wetness covered my face and dripped down my cheeks, but I didn't care. After a bit of exploration, my tongue settled down on the sensitive area around her clitoris.I felt cool air on my asshole, gaping open in the dildo's absence. My world felt warm and fuzzy, bathed the afterglow of the climax. Some air escaped my used hole as I moved, exiting as a low-pitched fart. My balls were heavy with semen, and I was dying to cum again. I heard Tracy's vibrator suddenly get a lot louder, and I lifted my head. I licked across it with wide, gentle strokes of my tongue, gradually increasing my speed until I reached the perfect rhythm.Inside there was a pipe, a lighter, an oversized film canister half full of weed, and a grinder.I reached for the grinder, trying to keep my hand from shaking with anticipation.

I gasped as she sat down, taking my full length in one fluid motion.The warm waves of the high washed through my body, and I felt heavy. When I woke - no, I didn't quite fall asleep - there was a hand on me. It contracted involuntarily in surprise, but only for a moment. "I love it," I moaned, moving my hips backward so that her fingers slid deeper, sending jolts of electricity through my body. "Oh, yeah," Tracy moaned, grinding her ass on my tongue. Find out what I taste like on the inside." I complied eagerly, thrusting my tongue as deeply as I could into her ass.I sank into the bed, feeling it conform to my body. It touched my right butt cheek first and then slid down, cupping my ass and then my inner thigh. "Always ready for some fun." The bed shifted as Tracy climbed on behind me. Then it opened again, and Tracy slid two of her fingers in. I moaned as her fingers traced a gentle circle on my prostate. I'm not an excessively masculine man to begin with, but as soon as she touches me like that, I'm basically just a lesbian trapped in a man's body. She had just showered, but if I got close enough I could just barely make out the scent of her sweat, and the natural musk of her asshole. "Get back on your knees." I resumed my position, ass up in the air, and Tracy knelt behind me. Tracy pulled the plug out of my ass once again, and this time she replaced it quickly with her cock.I could feel Tracy's heart beating quickly, and we were both breathing hard.Neither of us said anything, and the room was silent except for the incessant buzz of Tracy's vibrator.

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