Blue collar online dating

A white-collar guy and white-collar lifestyle mixed with blue-collar skill. Then they take the fact that more women get degrees than men nowadays and follow: Women are smarter than men.

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I guess I’m on a search for a very very baby/light blue-collar.The smiles, the arguments, the accidents and the many laughs during the project are absolutely priceless.There is a different appreciation and respect for a man that can build those memories for your family than there is with simply hiring someone.He instead insisted we’d take it to the mechanic down the street and pay them to “handle it.” Once we arrived, the mechanic opened the hood and said, “Oh this needs a special tool to get off and you have to take it to a Mercedes place.” Being that I knew my car and have actually changed a bulb in it before, I replied “no it doesn’t” and continued to tell him the process of getting the access panel off. Then, in my WHITE dress, I told them both to move over.I popped the bulb out, replaced it and closed the hood. Guys that can’t fix even the littlest of things are a major turnoff for me. Who will you hire when currency means nothing because you’re in the midst of a zombie apocalypse? But I need a surviver that can afford to buy all of the necessary vehicles so we’re ready for a good Zombie take down.

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