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We've already explored ’00s teen movies that were completely forgotten, and now it's time to do the same for TV.Let all the teen drama come rushing back with 15 ‘00s Teen Shows You Completely Forgot About.The center has coined the trademarked Watchdog Agent® prognostics tools and Device-to-Business (D2B) predictronics platform for e-maintenance applications.For every '00s TV show that we were once obsessed with and still rewatch religiously, there was one that we tuned into but have since about an alien (Matt Dallas) who looks just like a regular teen guy except that he has no belly button.He wakes up in a forest in Seattle and is taken in by the Trager family, who gives him the name Kyle.

Also, young Zac Efron is on this show-- before he fixed his tooth gap.The American-Canadian show stars Sara Paxton as Darcy, a fashionable California teen whose crazy actress mother decides to uproot them from Malibu to a farm in the middle of nowhere so Darcy can grow up in a more normal environment.Darcy doesn't know anything about nature, but she takes a job at a veterinary clinic called Creature Comforts and has zany encounters with animals.These shows were created by the channels that have always ruled teen TV: ABC Family (now called Freeform) and The WB (now called The CW).Some were on The N (later changed to Teen Nick) or Discovery Kids.

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