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For example: All of that platform-specific content exists across different, disparate products.For each type of content, there are options as to where any one person could share these different types of content with their network — If I want to get song suggestions from my friend Chris, does he use Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music?

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Like a lot of people, I share a ton of information about myself on social platforms.If someone wants to know what I’m listening to these days, the promise of social was that they’d be able to find out, quickly and easily. was doing some really interesting stuff here — breaking open the containers and giving people better control over how they interacted with other people (and their content) online. My understanding of was that they wanted people to have more control over all of the content that they both create and share with the world.Unfortunately, the UI just made everyone think to use it like Twitter, and it seems to have never really reached its full potential.The photos that my friend Meredith took on our recent vacation — will they be on her Instagram, Facebook, Flickr?The platforms themselves are irrelevant — they’re containers with a proprietary UI that help people find content from the people they care about.

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