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For businesses outside the UK, we would urge you to seek clarification from your own tax office and / or government.

Please let us know any official replies you’re able to share.

Continue down to read more about whether your products or services are affected and what to do if they are.Wir setzen technische und organisatorische Sicherheitsmaßnahmen ein, um anfallende oder erhobene personenbezogene Daten zu schützen, insbesondere gegen zufällige oder vorsätzliche Manipulation, Verlust, Zerstörung oder gegen den Angriff unberechtigter Personen.Unsere Sicherheitsmaßnahmen werden entsprechend der technologischen Entwicklung fortlaufend verbessert.Unfortunately, not all third party platforms are ready to comply with this legislation and many have only found out about this recently. Payment providers such as Pay Pal are not third-party platforms (they just provide a payment mechanism) so they are not responsible for accounting for VAT.At present, many of them will not even supply you with the relevant data you require to comply.

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