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Salt is ..(basic) 2000: In your face impact of harsh mind grabbing notes. Magic in red bottle gave me feeling of superhero, batman with bowtie, bodybuilder in super dear suit. Now is a 2018 and I cant even explain how much still love it. My brother actually doesn't like it because he's a mechanic and said he smells gas/oil all day and doesn't need to wear a fragrance that reminds him of that scent. Lastly, don't blind buy this (especially if you are a woman) because it's a unique, heavy, alpha kind of smell. Did I just buy a dollar store Christmas candle that had been dipped quickly in a bit of gasoline?

Heavy leather, gasoline, and after that simply beautiful sweet, powdery-floral scent.Compliments getter from the older women (I guess they remember some naughty adventures LOL Just my theory : P) and surprisingly the younger crowd too! So according to my rating system 7/10 but it stood the test of time, I give an 2 pts so FINAL RATING 9/10! I think this formulation is just fine and still amazing.clearly fall, winter and spring but the magic happen in summer night! Song of this fragrance: George Thorogood- Bad to the bone Aesthetically speaking, a masterpiece. Every time I smell it, this composition transports me to some other nostalgic plane of existence, even though I don't have any particular memories related to the scent. If you need to search out the original formulation..enjoy."new" one is just fine!! However, current formula is much weaker than before.I got a bee in my bonnet and sought out the vintage version, pre-reformulation. Taking off my tie and unbuttoning the top two on my pink shirt and getting wafts of this strange scent from my chest as I walk into the sun after work is a totally surreal experience that I can now experience over and over again. I imagine a biker lumberjack who eats nails for breakfast would wear this. Could be mistaken for a petroleum smell, but even if it is that still smells great to my nose.Yes, it made a difference -- the original was more intense and had a more layered progression -- but it also left a huge rash on my neck, so I guess, in this case, reformulation was a good thing. Not dainty or subtle in any way, but for those who were alive in the late 1980s/early 1990s, this smell will take you back... Most other men are subconsciously offended when I wear this scent. It's a ghost of the late 80s and the 90s, when social media and screens didn't dominate our lives. This is a special frag to me because it gives me memories of visiting the farm as a kid and riding the tractor through the fields.

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