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Superman's Moses-like origin and his Midwestern WASP-ish (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) persona are widely regarded as a symbol of Jewish assimilation.Children of immigrant Jews, Siegel and Shuster were not unlike many in their generation in their desire to fit in to the general population.

As Clark later told his wife, Lois Lane, he stopped attending services becaues he "knew too much about their lives -- their problems -- their lies...#850 (August 2007), for example, identifies Methodism by name as the denomination that Clark Kent and his mother attended.Jonathan also raised his adopted son with staunch Protestant values, but Jonathan has never been much of a churchgoer.Although possibly not "canonical" at the time that Maggin gave this interview, this notion appeared already to have widespread support and subsequently grew in popularity.Many writers and fans believed this denominational affiliation best captures and explains the character as he has been portrayed over the years.

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