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He has disgraced himself, he has disgraced the Country, he has disgraced the entire Intelligence Community. I can see by the warm welcome that this is not a place for discussion.

He is the one man who is largely responsible for the destruction of American’s faith in the Intelligence Community and in some people at the...."No I just seriously can't be arsed arguing with an idiot that doesn't believe basic facts. Giuliani is a jackass and admitted to several crimes on tv. If you are right, why are you so quickly offended by open-ended questions and a mildly proposed difference of opinion? Literally I assumed that it was a subreddit to react to trump tweets. There are not enough hours in the day for me to sit and have garbage piled on me. The fact that you all go out of your way to jump on someone disgusts me.

I would find it very hard to take someone seriously who is unable to engage in a respectful discussion. If you have no friends with different views, I feel sorry for you. My point was that they weren't the majority especially in the early 1900s.

Hell, the Palestinians were not even given a choice in this.

(c) Why even bother with the pretense, our The_Donald guests?

You don't actually care either way, he could have bedded the entire Playboy mansion while wed and it wouldn't mean a thing to your crusade.

We did some research online and then booked an appointment with our local pastor.It has been 2 years since then, and I am happy to tell you that our marriage is doing great and our family couldn't be happier!We have God and some Christian marriage tips to thank for this.The Qur'an affirms the declaration of the Torah. Bibi seems to have some serious bribery and other corruption issues.Both people groups ultimately tie their convictions to those books. Kinda convenient timing that his investigations are eclipsed with the embassy.

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