Consolidating into direct loan program

Some blended hybrid-type awards consider a combination of performance and need to determine winners, so the difference between scholarships and grants is not always clear cut in black and white.

The important thing to remember about both of these coveted forms of financial aid is that you are never required to pay the money back.

While the name and precise lending protocols of the program may have changed, the bottom line for students is that Federal Direct Loans provide the best source for low-interest fixed-rate school financing.

The move designates the student assistance effort as the only U. Government-backed lending program, and leaves the Federal Government as the sole administrator for Federal Direct Student Loans.Without a long history of repayment successes, your ability to secure funds from traditional independent lenders may be limited to risky high-interest loans.Loans with unmanageable credit terms lead to subsequent defaults, and should be avoided.If your college financial aid package requires a loan from a private bank or credit union, your best bet is to apply with the help of a creditworthy cosigner.By adding another credit reference to your loan, your interest rate and repayment terms are improved. Federal Government provides deep financial aid resources for college students.

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