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Take, for example, the doctors at Brooks Army Burn Center, who treat some of the worst burn cases in the country for both military and civilians.

There are many service members, and their families, who sacrifice every day without leaving the country.

It’s really something we must each define in our hearts, but whatever your standing definition of a veteran is, one fact is very clear.

The service men and women, past and present, of this nation sacrifice personal safety, time with their families, and many of their own freedoms in order to protect our country.

There are so many options these days, from conference centers, hotels, to outdoor venues.

It really all depends on what type of event you will have, but below are some major factors to think about when picking a location.

For information on the Veterans Day Celebration you can go to

She holds a bachelor degree in Sociology from UCA and a master degree in Educational Technology from Azusa Pacific University in addition to her master in College Student Personnel and Administration from UCA.

UCA’s Divison of Outreach and Community Engagement and CDI have been awarded the Governor’s Quality Challenge Award!

With over 30 cheerleading competitions throughout the country, UCA offers the most competition dates and locations for your team.

You'll get all the benefits of a local competition, being close to home with low entry fees, with the experience of competition professionals.

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