Dating bottle glass

I have the sense that Pochet and CR made the greatest number of their bottles from the 1950s onwards.Not just for Shalimar, but for a number of the Guerlain parfums.

With that word of caution, let’s move onto the specifics.So, if you’re hoping for a “hard and fast,” set rule on dating, there isn’t one.If someone tells you with categorical certainty that their bottle dates to a specific year or decade, pre-1970s, and they’re someone who falls into the categories that I’ve listed above, then I think they’re fooling themselves.I’ve read that Cristal Romesnil made some Shalimar “bat” parfum bottles as early as the 1920s, but I can’t say that I’ve come across anything they’ve made at bottle bearing a sign that it was made by CR.I have no doubt that they exist, but they’re not common enough for me to have seen them.

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