Dating employee pitfall

There are also various statutory provisions of which parties must take cognisance when contracting; the laws regulating pensions and tax for instance, are not within the scope of contractual freedom.

Section 20 of the Trade Dispute Act (TDA) establishes a specialised court, the National Industrial Court (NICN), with exclusive responsibility for handling employment-related disputes; the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999, as amended (CFRN) further endorses the NICN's authority and jurisdiction.

The Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (the CCMA) is a statutory body created for the purposes of addressing employment law disputes through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Employment law in Nigeria is not founded on the provisions of a single statute.

Rather, it is dispersed in different legislation that together provides the framework.

Statistics reveal that, in terms of the age distribution of owners of such enterprises, 93.3 per cent are aged 36 and above, while the 1535 age group accounts for 6.67 per cent.

An analysis of some 5,000 enterprises (4,615 with legal status) in a Report of the Nigerian Social Statistics Report produced by the National Bureau of Statistics in the year to end 2012, show the dominant business structures in Nigeria: The 2012 Report also presents a rundown of industrial disputes between 20.

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