Dating for ugly girls

We’ve come to an age where as much as we secretly yearn for big pecks, full hairlines and six-pack abs, we've also started to yearn for something else; something that will comfort us late at night more than big arms and perfect bone structure: security We’ve all been screwed by the Hot Guy, felt insecure around the good-looking guy or experienced the constant anxiety that comes with dating a guy who thinks he’s better than us.

We’ve felt great taking him out, showing him off to our friends and taking Facebook photos with him.

It's a false confidence, but confidence, nonetheless.

Unlike their attractive counterparts, less attractive men are more outgoing and optimistic when it comes to approaching women, explaining why hot guys are never hitting on hot women.

Women aren’t going after less attractive men, they are being pursued by them more often.

According to a study published in UK’s Telegraph, less attractive men are inherently more confident about their looks due to an evolutionary trait that keeps them from missing mating opportunities.

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It brings us back to the idea that less attractive men are more appreciative, and women just want to be adored.

Barber goes on to explain that women care more about their looks because looks are more “consequential” to them.

The key word here, "consequential," means that women's looks are dependent on their ability to secure a man and a relationship.

They were supposed to be pretty, hot, cute or beautiful.

A man can carry his weight in the relationship based on any number of factors: athleticism, reputation, personality or social status.

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