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Ingraham has worked for Fox in some capacity since 2007, most recently as a contributor.When President Trump took office, there were rumors that Ingraham would be brought in as press secretary, but that never came to fruition.One of the oldest TV show types, and the granddaddy of Reality TV; individuals or teams compete for cash and prizes.Descended from radio quiz shows (which are also covered here), they have fluctuated in popularity since their debut in the 1920s.

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That prompted Fox News' parent company, 21st Century Fox, to conduct an internal investigation, which ended in Ailes resigning.Game shows were enormously popular in America during the 1950s when TV became a progressively more viable purchase, until several of the most popular ones turned out to be rigged in some manner to influence the outcome and manufacture drama.Mind you, the problem with the rigging wasn't that anyone had done anything illegal (as it wasn't yet a crime to do so), but rather that most tried to cover up what they did during the investigations that took place from 1958-60.The fallout from the scandals resulted in many low-stakes games, with big-ticket ones (especially quizzes) generally falling out of favor until 1973 and on Granada) and this resulted in a limit of £1,000 on cash prizes until the mid-1990s; more frequently the top prize would be a car or in one case a speedboat.The 1990s brought with it a sense that ideas were running out, as networks and cable stations dropped games left and right (the last Big Three victim being remained through the entire decade, with a few other games briefly popping up here and there.

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