Dating game show with pauly d

Howard said he had a lot of rejection of the face in high school. Robin read a story about a lottery winner who credits his win with Karma. He said if there was Karma then Hitler wouldn't have been around. Howard said if it's half as good as the first one he'll go see it. Another Spider-Man movie is coming out in December. Robin read about the Bill Cosby trial and how that's still going on. Robin said he had a second transplant and he was released this week. Robin said that Avengers: Infinity War is coming out and then Deadpool 2 is coming out later in May. Lee Ermey, Bon Jovi and others performing ''With a Little Help From My Friends'' at a Howard Stern Birthday show. Howard said this is Carlo Zampa and he's calling a game. Gary said they tripled the size of the font to tell him to please wrap it up. Gary said it seemed like a lot of people were coming up and saying hi to Howard. Robin had some audio of Comey on Stephen Colbert's show talking about that. am Show opening bits and songs included: A ''Full Metal Jacket'' clip featuring R. He said he went on for 17 minutes and talked about his career as well. Robin said that he's been saying that Trump can't get over him because he's been talking about him non stop. When he got to Richie he said he has the biggest penis in the band. Howard said he went back to his room and bummed out about it. He said that you've never seen a more miserable person than him. He said Jon would do a song about him as a tribute and then everyone will forget about him. Howard said he couldn't figure out how room service was 2 hours behind. He said he had some salad, some pasta and broccoli rabe. He said then they were loading back equipment outside and that was noisy. Howard said he was trying to take naps at the hotel and that didn't work very well. Howard said that the prisoners at Guantanamo get better sleep than he did out there. Howard said he loves that Ronnie is 70 and he's going to go jet ski. Howard took a call from a guy who said that he tuned in to see Roseanne last night and they had the news on talking about Barbara Bush. Howard played the clip from his speech where he talked about the guys in the band. Howard said all invitations will be tossed after April 10th. He said he knew everyone was going to be laughing at his funeral. He said he just laid there all night with people slamming their doors. Howard said his mother says he gets red in the face from it though. Robin read more about Barbara Bush and how she was a rock right up until the end. He said he heard she did Ayahuasca right at the end. She said you're hallucinating so you don't even know what's happening.

Howard played that clip and the guy and another guy were freaking out screaming about the win. He said he should bend JD over and spank him over this. Howard said maybe he just wanted to talk about himself. Robin said that Cuba is getting ready for a new leader not named Castro. He said it's just about the travel that he was complaining about. He said if you want him to appear then write to Robin. Robin said you know Jimmy Kimmel is coming back to Brooklyn. He said his father is 94 so he should be able to drink whatever the fuck he wants. Howard said after April 10th he's no longer doing any appearances. Howard did a live commercial read and went to break. Howard played a Ronnie and Stephanie song where they sang about shoving things in Ronnie's ass. Howard said people were writing in about Gary's pitch. Robin asked if Jessica Jones' sister is going to be a nemesis. He did his mother's voice talking about why they don't drink. The caller said that Ronnie is really not self aware at all. Howard asked the caller if he has ever seen a guy with a penis injury. Howard took a call from a guy who said that the show helps him get through the day. He said they get hit by someone texting or something.

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