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But for a straightforward position that the hiring manager knows she’s going to be able to fill pretty easily, interviewing three to five candidates in-person is pretty typical.For harder-to-fill positions, it can be fewer than that (when there are fewer strong candidates to pick from) or more than that (when a lot of candidates are good enough to make it through the initial screening but not well-matched enough to get an offer). Smart managers will do phone interviews before those — usually 10-20 depending on the position, and again it can vary pretty widely based on the factors above. If you’re planning to hire several people in the same role, you’d often want a larger pool of phone and in-person interviews. Should I warn my manager that I plan to shave my head?The agreement was that I would work through lunch to make up the time, which I do.On my performance evaluation, my boss’ boss gave me a low mark for communication, writing “Personal obligations have kept x from interacting informally with his co-workers.” Is this too far?I was told that several people gave negative reports about my “lack of energy and enthusiasm.” I apologized and explained the situation, noting that one of the directors knew about my situation.The answer I received was, “Well…perception is everything,” and they continued their criticism. I don’t know, because I’m not there to see the stuff they’re commenting on.(This is a new team that has a lot of openings.) The issue I am having is that he would be applying to a role a tier above the one I just received.We have both been in the industry the same amount of time, but I tried out multiple job paths during my time and he took the straighter narrower path.

Now a colleague of mine, who I have been friends with for years, is thinking of applying as well.

I don’t even know if he will get the job, but I can’t help feeling a bit deflated even though I should be proud of my ability to land this lucrative role. Assuming he gets the job, the career person in me says I should put it aside, focus on my new role, impress the hell out of them and compete on my own merits while laying aside personal pride.

I don’t think you’re being petty, but I do think that you’re being …

For context, I’m female and work as an assistant to the managing director of a very small company and also complete occasional reception duties and administrative support to the office at large.

I am a student, so I do this part-time during the semester, and full-time the rest of the year.

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