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Don't waste your money and precious time for this scammer, or worse yet risking contracting some venereal diseases. When I read horoscope, I find so much in common with my character. Steven Iam writing to confirm that this women is a scam artist,and forewarn anyone whom might be in correspondence with her.

Lastly I was scammed alright but I also feel truly sorry for her - such a pity. She sent me the exact photos and letters that Peter of Fla received.

She said she had 0 USD and she wanted me to send 0 USD by western union.

I told her I understand her custom and it would be cheaper to buy a phone here and she could give it to him upon her return, The money she could save would pay for her trip.

I shall buy satellite mobile phone herself if you cant. Then my relatives, will believe you and they will not think about internet - player! Because You must know that I love you only you and I shall do all that I shall come to you!!!

But I dont want this way, because you will come to me in much time. And They will see that you would send your money for gift!

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