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Malik, who turned 25, didn’t add a caption because clearly the video speaks for itself as Reynolds appears dressed as Deadpool and introduced himself as Wade (the character’s civilian name in the film).

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FWIW, I've passed on a couple of smoking hotties who prominently mentioned their recoveries in their Match profiles.

Probably a bit shakey, but committed to recovery and if I liked you, I'd see you again, though I'd be cautious and we'd be taking it slow.

No problem, though I would change my own behaviors to respect and support your recovery (not go to drinking places with you, not drink around you).

Well, I usually like a nice glass of beer when I eat.

In my family, bourbon is one of the four food groups.

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    and Brandy could be just innocent fun, we get this little nugget. I just don't know if Terrance is ready for all that, he just doesn't look like he is. Brandy sounds like she is ready to settle down and have a family just from what she stating in her season 2 Family Business. I hope they are together they make a really cute couple I'm happy for both Terrance and Brandy so like I said I hope the rumors are true and THAT they have a long lasting loving relationship:) No hate all love!

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