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Moreover, in the theological concern addressed by juxtaposing realized eschatology with futuristic eschatology, the Dialogue of the Savior is also a harbinger of the later redaction of John.

Each document presents Jesus as a wisdom teacher and living revealer, who challenges his disciples to discover how revelation can come to be a reality within a community of believers.

These sections are characterized by brief questions, usually from one of the named disciples (sometimes by all the disciples) and equally brief answers of the Lord.

But the reader sees the disciples not only as historical people; he or she finds that they stand for the community's "catechumens" (converts in training) being instructed by their "teacher" (81).

In this way, the instructions to the disciples in the Dialogue are probably addressed to those in the author's community who are preparing for baptism.

The Dialogue of the Savior is preserved in a single Coptic copy found in Codex III of the Nag Hammadi codices.

According to Julian Hills in The Complete Gospels, the Dialogue of the Savior is a gospel about baptism. [When he has ruled, he shall find rest]" (see Dial Sav 20:4).

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