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Despite his royal upbringing, he decided to become an ascetic.

He was honored for his decision to walk a holy path, so Brahma entrusted him with the duty of holding the world. In one myth, the snake disguised himself as a human in order to become a monk. After he achieved enlightenment, he was trapped in the forest while he was meditating due to a thunderstorm.

He is important to another myth involving the origin of the caduceus.

One day, Hermes came across two snakes involved in a battle to the death.

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The caduceus symbol is just as relevant today as it likely was in ancient times because it promotes the idea of balance when it comes to health.

As a symbol for the western medical field this is especially interesting…as it recognizes that at the heart of medicine is the vow to recognize cycles of transformation and to calibrate in a balanced way accordingly. The Caduceus in Ancient Eastern Culture The image of the caduceus also existed in the East.

The earliest appearance of this symbol found to date existed on coins found in India.

He uses his magical staff to separate the two and create peace.

In both of these myths, it’s interesting to note that the symbol of the caduceus is linked to transformation (represented through the staff) and balance (represented through the snakes).

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