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It allows you to create and sell subscription plans, allows members subscribe for these plans and then give these subscribers access to restricted resources (articles, K2 items, videos, documents...) on your Joomla website..Main features: For each subscription plan, you can define different renew options to allow subscribers to renew their membership.You can define upgrade rules so that subscribers can upgrade his membership from a (lower level) subscription plan to a different (higher level) subscription plan.You can setup Group / Family Membership plans so that a user can sign up for that plan and add group/family members into the system.

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But it's not just that - it brings a whole new meaning to the word "community" for Joomla and it's a perfect companion to e-shops and forums.

These members will have same membership/access level with group admin except that the could not add group members.

You can limit how many members a group admin can add into the system for each plan.

Dates are more than just a formatted string of numbers.

Now, using the Date Pro element from ZOOlanders you can make your ZOO date elements represent the events that they are.

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