Dating someone who does drugs

An acupuncturist suggested that i do this diet plan of only raw fruit and veggies.

She said it was hard for people to stay in relation to.

I believe it can but it can put a strain in the relationship. I think there ARE people out there who truthfully wouldn't care about their partners drug use even if they didn't do any drugs themselves, but they are rare, unfortunately.

I mean, if you're shooting heroin & she has to give you money for your habit (any habit for that matter, not just heroin) & she doesnt do drugs, I dont know how in the world that relationship would work out. No I wouldn't go into a relationship with that narrow minded of a person, but at the same time I would not date a drug addict. And yeah, it's also a question of whether or not you would even WANT to date someone who doesn't do drugs.

My first girlfriend absolutely hated every drug, but loved alcohol. I really don't think I could date someone who didn't at least smoke pot or drink alcohol. I love getting high with my girlfriend, absolutely.

I am glad, however, that my girlfriend and I don't both have oxy habits... Someone who didn't do drugs would not really appeal to me either anymore because yes, weed at least is a pretty big part of my life so if I don't have someone who shares that with me it would not work.

Comes down to the whole, is it wrong to try and change someone kinda thing.we'd probably end up homeless :\ She doesn't even like opiates/opioids except for the occasional Tylenol with Codeine for her back pain. It depends if they just don't do them, or are against them.She loves E, however, although it's not very common in my circle. My current partner doesn't do drugs because he just doesn't have the desire to - ethically, he has nothing against them, and he knows I do them, so our relationship isn't affected in the slightest by it. I think it helps that her parents are heavy weed smokers though, so she's grown up with it her entire life.If you get this a regular practice eventually your default mood gets better far better - checked out is just one of the cruxes of brain fitness that we now focused on in solutions.Dating Someone With Diabetes I began to eat just raw objects.

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