Dating someone with children brats

Is it always bad to buy stuff for the kids or pay for college or makes things a little easier for them? Sometimes though, we have to make the tough decision to hold back and make sure that, as parents, we can take care of ourselves now, and in the future, before we make that purchase for the kids.

So instead of saying the latest gadget/toy is “for the kids” let people know that things like building up your retirement plan is “for the kids” or paying off the house is “for the kids” or making sure you have insurance is “for the kids.” It’s OK to say no to them. It’s not a bad thing to make sure your financial house is in order first before you buy any gifts.

(Note: the parents aren’t always in financial jeopardy but I find it’s a common theme.) Not “we’re just getting by.” No.

You have to keep up with all of the stuff as well as keep up with how you are going to pay for it. Sorry, but this sets your kids up for problems later on in life.

Do you want them to feel like they need to always have to keep up?

Despite financial problems, the kids should still live like the parents can easily afford the lifestyle.

No matter the costs, some parents insist that they have to pay all of the college costs: tuition, books, car, apartment, spending money, etc…

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