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Finally, by being social with everyone you give yourself the opportunity to make your social circle as wide as possible.

Meeting women Some guys think the only time to meet a woman in college is at a party.

So in times like this your best bet may be to invite her to join you and your friends at some social event – like a party, or college football game.

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When it comes to planning a date know that you’re in the driver’s seat.Say hi and be just as fun and social with the guy in the corner as you would with the hot girl.This is going to help in a couple ways: First, by being cool with everyone you show you’re not one of those guys just looking to suck up to the good-looking girl (which immediately separates you from a lot of the guys out there).But if you know the fundamentals for meeting women and making a good impression, then you can meet women absolutely anywhere – the street, in class, the dining hall, the library – anywhere.The fundamentals for meeting women start with two simple things, being confident and friendly.

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