Dating too early after divorce

Julie G-of course my priority are my children, but they will spend 14 nights out of the month with dad, am I just supposed to sit at home those 14 nights and plan activities for them when I see them again? hmm Candice- My kids are doing great actually because up until wed night we had been working as a hell of a team to make sure that their feelings were put first.My daughter has no idea my ex wants nothing to do with her now, she was not there to hear him say that and I do not plan on telling her either.Well sure enough when I opened the door he darted in and confronted my friend.Luckily they both remained cool and it did not escalate.It's not too soon to go out and have a chat over coffee with a friend, but having someone over is just too familiar.That said, I think it's important that you place some boundaries with your ex. If you say "no," you mean "no." I'd have flipped if my ex had "darted in" when I opened the door!

if he's not ready to let go but I have, does that give him a right to say im cheating on him and make it seem that way with his family?It's just a good policy to deal with one relationship at a time.Until you are officially divorced, you are still in a relationship.Christylee- I can see how how having a guy friend over a month after splitting up may raise some eyebrows, I can see it. And no he did not bring the kids with him, he left them asleep with his mom who is in town visiting. You are totally free when you have the divorce decree.Until then even if you are ready to move on in every other way, you are still legally tied to someone else.

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