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Whether you feel like you’re perpetually single, or dating to see who is right for you, or you’re in a relationship and taking things at your own speed, what I’ve found to be most helpful in responding to this question is a different framework.(Just a note, I use “we” in most of these answers because I’m talking about it in the context of my current relationship, but to my single gals out there—I see you.The first thing we’d like to do in helping y’all date well? Whether these myths have actually been spoken to you, or just planted in your mind, we hope you read on and see that they’re not true!Myth: You have to be perfect and have it all together to date someone.A few weeks ago, I co-hosted a baby shower in my hometown.I’m from a small town in North Carolina, where the ladies from my home church were some of the first to change my diaper and rock me in the church nursery.

Logan is able to graciously point out my blind spots and force me to confront them in a healthy way. My pastor always says “Unhappy, insecure single people make for unhappy, insecure married people.” His point is simply this: how we feel about ourselves while single translates into how we view ourselves in dating relationships or marriage.I’ve found that I often experience the most discontentment in my relationship with Logan when I feel bombarded by the question.One of the most honest ways you can respond is by gently explaining that to someone.I felt this need to make sure that Logan thought I was cute, funny, AND smelled good all the time!It’s such a silly example, but it demonstrates the need I felt to have it all together :) A few years and some smelly feet later, letting go of perfect has freed me up to be fully myself around Logan. We are able to do all of those things because we are willing to admit that we aren’t perfect. The truth: Jess: Yes, having someone to share pieces of your life with is wonderful!

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