Dating whitehorse

By these times the White Horse could have been nearly 1,000 years old and it could have been its mythological attractions that drew people there, as is still the case today.

The report also covers the excavation of a Late Bronze Age settlement at Tower Hill, just along the Ridgeway track from Uffington Castle.

The Lambourn Valley Way starts and ends in the car park here.

It runs south alongside the river Lambourn to Donnington near Newbury.

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The largest contained 47 skeletons and this can be seen as you walk up to the Horse from the car park, if you look carefully.

The Ridgeway National Trail, a 90 mile long-distance route from Overton Hill in the Wiltshire Downs to Ivinghoe Beacon in the Chilterns, follows along the southern boundary of this estate.

Both programs include one week of computer science education.

This was discovered through the chance finding of a spectacular hoard of bronze artefacts.

There is also a detailed account of the scientific dating of the White Horse using OSL (Optically Stimulated Luminescence) dating, plus excavations in various parts of the surrounding landscape including a long barrow, round barrows, the linear ditch and the Manger.

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