Dating with a purpose theology of the body

Marriage requires daily sacrifice, in imitation of Christ, for the sake of one’s spouse (and for the sake of unity one’s spouse and with God).As such, it is no surprise that marriage has become such an embattled institution in a society so concerned with personal worldly success and “liberty” as freedom from any unwanted constraint.To really prepare yourself to be a successful future husband or wife, the best thing to do is work to become a person of virtue, that is, a person who places the objective good and the good of others above personal wants (and practice for this begins not only in the disciplines of prayer and service, but also in the conscientious exercise of your daily work).For Catholics, discerning a vocation means prayerfully seeking God’s will regarding what your state in life should be.Sexual relations are reserved to those united in the sacrament of marriage (or Holy Matrimony); but even married persons are called to chastity and purity, which means that even within marriage, sexual acts must reflect the dignity of each person and the unitive and procreative purposes of marriage.The fruit of married love is new life, and so marriage, and every sexual union within marriage, should always be open to children.“Love is a gift of God, nourished by and expressed in the encounter of man and woman.Love is thus a positive force directed towards their growth and maturity as persons.

It guides how one looks at others and behaves toward them in conformity with the dignity of persons and their solidarity.” (No. It keeps silence or reserve where there is evident risk of unhealthy curiosity. 2523) “There is a modesty of the feelings as well as of the body. Before you can enter safely into a romantic relationship,; if you’re motivated by insecurity or looking to fill a hole in your heart, you’re asking for trouble.

All of our enterprises and policies grow out of and reflect this conception of the human person.

Scripture and Christian Tradition teach that each man and woman is created “in the image and likeness” of God, that all have equal dignity and meaning before God, and that happiness consists in is that virtue which governs the sexual desire and directs it toward its proper end.

But to understand discernment, it is important to remember that ultimately we all share the same vocation, and one that can be fulfilled in any state in life–married, single, priestly or religious: we are all called to holiness.

Additionally, we must understand that God gives us the freedom to choose, even in big choices.

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