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She dug her long fingernails into my back and raked down to my buttocks.

She fastened her teeth onto my neck as I powered into her, savoring the warm, wet flesh gripping my cock."Talk to me David," she whispered into my ear.

" I hissed, "You love feeling my cock sliding in and out of your juicy little pussy.""It's my cunt, David. "More, David.""I wrap one pair around my cock and I lay another pair on my face.

I took my time about easing the panties up over her long legs.

The aroma coming from her sex was intoxicating and I wondered if my zip was strong enough to contain my aching prick without breaking."I think a long dress would be more suitable for a funeral, don't you?

I just want to get a few ideas, we're shooting next month.""A porno? "Well soft at the moment, but I think I've got a big German distribution company interested. That's where the big money is."My aunt was the founder and managing director of a chain of DVD rental shops.

She'd backed movies financially before and made herself a multi million pound fortune in the process.

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