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For most of them they are living their dream; they have earned and achieved their goals and the sheer hard work and determination that it took for them to get there has paid off.Whilst it may be true that they do not earn as much money as most fans would believe that they do, they have almost everything supplied for them.The effortless look of slick, in-time dance moves, pitch perfect vocals and stunning wardrobes don’t just cost money, they cost time, blood, sweat and tears, and for most, it’s worth it – an example of this is seen in the stills of members of 2NE1 from 2NE1 TV (click to enlarge to see the text).For many of the idols and groups, the pros of these contracts outweigh the cons.Or has there been extreme attention to one side or the other?K-Pop fans are known to get quite aggressive with their opinions when it comes to their K-Pop allegiances, so has this helped to blow a situation out of proportion – or is their uproar justified?

The first is that very few of us are personally involved in this situation – we are spectators in this debate.

There has been a lot of coverage over the past few years regarding these contracts, especially those dubbed as so-called ‘slave contracts’ – where the star is signed to the company for a number of years – some reaching as high as 13 like Yoona from Girls’ Generation.

But is the situation, and are the circumstances, as black and white as the physical contracts themselves?

Fans pay a lot of money to see their idols live, so the performances have to be good, therefore copious hours of training must be undertaken.

Training is difficult and extremely demanding, but it does seem a necessary evil in helping the stars who really want it and who appreciate the opportunity to prepare for fame.

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