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Dustin joined Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts which is located in Perth and within there he completed his graduation in the year 2004.As soon as his education got completed he was offered for Warrambel Film Festival as an ambassador in the year 2012 with the acceptance he served in the very time over there. Dustin Clare made his feature debut opposite Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis in Fred Schepisi's The Eye of the Storm, which premiered at the Melbourne International Film Festival and screened in Special Presentation at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival. On his character Gannicus: He's a bit of the anti-hero in a way I guess. A big part of the character is playing the differences between him and Spartacus.I didn't want to create a character that would be similar to Spartacus because I thought that would be boring.His mother was helping his father within their family business.Dustin was also suggested to continue their business but his interest in the field of entertainment neglected his family business.Sunday premiered in New Zealand in December 2014 and went on to feature in a range of film festivals around the world throughout 2015.Camille Keenan won Best Actress for her performance in the film at the 2015 New York City Independent Film Festival.

Dustin tied the knot to Camille in 2009 and they have been stuck to each other ever since.

Essentially I think I have the same moral core, which is the thing that they see in each other that attracts them to each other eventually.

Dustin Clare is an Australian and his birth date is 2nd January 1982.

Dustin is currently serving in white Ribbon Foundation as an ambassador within the very time.

His work includes Wolf Creek that was latest in the year 2016 with the character of Sullivan Hill which is ranked as a popular television series.

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