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Over the years the activities and implementations of the rooms have changed, but the term escape room has stuck.At The Entrapment we want our escape room to be so much more than an old office filled with random puzzles, so we draw our participants into the game with a backstory before they even enter the room.Even before presenting this evidence to the jury, the judge weighed in, ruling that Roisman did not have the "specific intent" required of the crime, and that engaged in entrapment.The defense of entrapment is raised when the government, or those associated with the government, act to induce a person to commit a crime.

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For more details about our rooms, check out the full descriptions and ROOM FAQ.

Though chats start out anonymous, users often ask for and share personal information.

Language is uncensored, and sexual come-ons and requests for email addresses are common.

Relying on previous case law it would appear that entrapment claims related to online sting operations involve consideration of: a) did the law enforcement officer continuously contact the suspect with the intention of trying to convince the individual to engage in a particular type of behavior, b) how long was the relationship between the undercover officer and the suspect, and c) how much, if any, reluctance to commit the criminal act did the suspect provide evidence of?

, Joseph Roisman of Watsonville, California is finally free.

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