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While these were gratified, the Northern people were willing to surrender their liberties to their panderera at Washington. On the morning of Ifaa ntk of July, odr troope rested on Bull Ron, from Uaictt 104 TBB WOLBt TK4S OF THW WAB.

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. The movement was generally known in Washii^on ; Congress lisd a4jouraed for the purpose o T aflbrcling its members an oppor- tunity to attend the battle-field, and as the crowds of camp followers and spectators, consisting of politicians, fashionable women, idlers, sensation-hunters, editors, kc, hurried in ear fiflfp, pmaiboies, gpgs, Md tvery ooooeiva Ue ftyle of vehicle Mi^niom the Potoffino in Ibe c Urpoiiou of armjrt ^ Q^nit^ot 9ii4 onfaili Dg jet t wi^ ibat tbty wen eoiog on a viait m Riobr il Hifid* The ide» of Ihe defeat of %k^ Grand Axeiy.EDWARD a I^POLLARD, I OV TMB OOSfl DBBATB OOSOI TORONTO : p. vx The author does not pretend to have written a brilliant or ^ elaborate work ; but be does claim to have composed, without seeking after literary ornaroent Si a truthful, compact and inde* pendent popular narrative ot the events of the first year of the war. Adiiiiniftntio D of John Adai M., Tl M " Btrioi Oonatr QCtio Dit U**. Jojinataii's forces that had been expected to reach Manassas prior to the battle, it became necessary, on the morning of the twsnty*first, before daylight, to modify the plan accepted, to suit the contingency of an immediate attack on our lines by the main force of the enemy, then plainly at hand.The author hopes the work will meet the hearty approval of all, as it has been written free from all prejudice, and by one who is not a partisan of thit administration. It thus happened that a battle ensued, difierent in place and ciroum- stance from any previous plan on our side. They had seen, not only the rights of free speeoh, but the sanctity even of private oorrespondenoe, violated hf the seimre of dispatches in theur own tslegiaph oflioes. At first, the firing of the enemy was at random; but by half-past 1% P. They had seen the writ of kabea$ corpus denied, not only by the minions of Abraham Lincoln in Maiyland, but by the oommanding officers of Ports Hamilton and Lafayette. Appearing in heavy force in front of the positkm of General Bonham's brigade, which held the approaches to Ifitchell's Ford, the enemy^ about meridian* opened fire with several SQ-poonder rifle gnns from a hill over one and a*half miles from Bull Run.

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