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We will be posting five essays to begin, one a day for five days. One reason there are fewer pilots is because the mood in our country has changed.It is no secret that there are fewer and fewer active general aviation pilots every year. There is more of a tendency today for people to be needy and dependent and risk-averse.The folks who build airliners have to design the ability to fill all the seats and then fly halfway around the world nonstop.

General aviation used to be a domestic cottage industry, run by the people whose name was on the product.

For lack of a better word, we need to appeal to the sense of adventure that some people still have.

Put the “right stuff,” or the romance, back into flying.

A piston single or twin will enable day trips over a wide area.

Some years ago I experimented with using a Cessna 172 with top-line IFR avionics as a business airplane.

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