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In more than 40 years of business, we have never disclosed our subscriber list and do not intend to do so.

The year 2016 marked the time when Palantir came to the attention of industrious journalists. This will allow marketers to reach their target audiences easier. This new capability to match a persons devices will involve collection of centralized information about the individual and provide the means for fine-tuning control over the persons life choices.

It is a threat-intelligence company, which along the way uses demographic and criminal-justice data to predict anti-social behavior before it occurs. Discovering the email address used to log onto various devices is one way to make a probable identification of a multiple user.

Wi-Fi connection, installed fonts, online retail accounts, social-media choices, and physical location are other ways.

Incorporating all of these clues into an algorithm enhances the ID process.

The personal information you provide when you order books is stored off-line in a secure computer.

We store customers' credit card account numbers so that we may retrieve them when repeat customers place orders.

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Predicting Anti-Social Behavior From the January 2018 issue Tax-supported police department have relied on private databases for arrest information and intelligence. Matching All the Devices You Use -- From the December 2017 issue Clearly most of us are using multiple devices in our digital worlds smartphones, tablets, lap-tops, TVs, utility meters, and now, in-car systems[see a full article on this in our December issue page one].

- From the March 2018 issue We are often asked whether a person should sign up for an ID theft protection service like Life Lock.

Since it was founded in 2005, we have advised against doing business with the company. First, the company cant do what it implies it can do, protect against identity theft. In fact, what Life Lock does for a fee is monitor a persons credit report to detect possibly illicit inquiries by retailers into the report of a person held by a national credit bureau.

We remove from the lists anybody who makes a request.

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