Friend and lover dating

My feet tingled and, annoyingly, one of my arms had gone dead.I crawled to bed and slept for three days and nights.Not the best time to break up with your boyfriend, perhaps.How do you muddle through a summer full of engagements, both professional and social, with your ex? Besides, we had agreed that we would always be friends, and now we had to put this new relationship to the test before either of us was really ready.

A few Bruce Lee moves quickly had him flat on his back on the floor. One thick card - "The Lord Chamberlain is Commanded by Her Majesty, etc" - was now secure in my pocket.

The decision to split up was mutual so, in theory, the next bit should be easy - but the transition from lover to friend is fraught with subtle nuances, and there are plenty of trip-wires that can make you stumble and fall.

How can this be happening to me again, I ask myself.

No letters this time, none of the bric-a-brac of a love affair that might leave me stricken when it inevitably came to an end.

I did not even have a picture of him on show in my apartment.

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