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"If you need something, let's talk about it." "I can't ask for money to buy you a Christmas present, Daddy! He employs lots of girls." Maybe she saw the frown on his face. But she still pulled it off with the parents now and then. They are always so vibrant and exciting." He abruptly turned, heading back to the door he had come from, and behind which at least Kerry Watson, dressed like a peasant, was waiting for him. I didn't have to wonder why Cindy might have mentioned my sister to this Kharkov character. Knowing Addison was excited, I made her give me the keys. Addie had gotten used to men looking at her within months of becoming a cheerleader. Did you know Charlene Sisson actually asked me what you looked like naked? And what if I just want to blow a little bit on some luxury? Cindy says it's perfectly safe and Vlad is a nice guy. "Never heard of them." "Cindy Jenkins told me about him. It's only two or three hours a night, and only a couple of nights a week. "This is a release for a minor to be employed by the company and take pictures which would then be 'sold for public consumption in various advertising and entertainment venues'," he said. Advertising I get, but public entertainment venues? This Zarkhov character had said they both worked for him. I, of course, could both drive and talk at the same time safely. They teased the crap out of all the men in the stands, and then went to stand in little groups of girls their own age, talking about clothes or Facebook or musicians or whatever the fuck girls talk about. He has to look at women like that." "I'm a guy, Addie," I said.

But I guess I'm a little lazy too, in terms of not wanting to spend all that extra time in training for football or wrestling or whatever. Girls look at me, and I can usually get a date if I want one. Addie - that's what we call Addison for short - was working on biology, which she asked for some help with. We can help each other, but not do each other's work. One of his favorite sayings is "Be an existentialist! " He usually says that when one of us has to do something new and is worried about it. Anyway, she was appreciative of being rescued, and one thing led to another and I was conceived.

Except he sounded funny somehow, and there was this look on Chuck's face that said, "And I know you could do it," and my mother suddenly got up and said it was bedtime, even though there was half an hour left before bedtime. "See if you can make me want fries." She would have stormed off, except we weren't finished with homework. And I thought all this was stupid, because she didn't even have the job yet, and had no idea what hours this guy might require her to be there. It was in Pine Bough Estates, which was where the rich folks lived. We had to actually help him rebuild the engine, so we'd know now much work went into it, and how it worked and how to fix it if it broke and all that. But she was my sister, and I started getting hot under the collar again because this guy wasn't sneaking peeks at her boobs, like everybody else did. Eventually she just gave up and moved to the "I'm sorry! " gambit, trying to make me stop before I left my handprint on her butt.

And pretty soon we heard the front door open and close and we never saw Chuck again. So once in a while, when our father said something in that special tone of voice he had used with Chuck that night, we didn't ask questions. So it was possible there might not even be a job for her, the first time we went to the house. The houses were set on two or three acre plots, and there were lots of swimming pools, and nice cars and all that. It was part of his explore life philosophy, I guess. " Addie let go of my arm and shoved the paper towards him. " I expected him to snatch the paper out of her hand, crushing it in his paw, but he plucked it, instead, almost daintily from her fingers.

"And he'll hire somebody else and I'll have to flip hamburgers for eight bucks an hour, and work fifteen hours a week and smell like grease and get kicked off the cheer squad," she whined. No girl in high school wants to be chaperoned by her big brother.

"Maybe I should call your mother and discuss this with her," he said. She frowned at him, and I saw the thunder clouds building on her face. "I had no idea it was so complicated." "Let us do this," said Kharkov.

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