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An astonishing one out of five adults use the emergency room each year.

In 1971, President Nixon implemented wage-price controls to stop mild inflation.

These prepaid plans restricted users to a particular medical group.

The HMO ACT of 1973 provided millions of dollars in start up funding for HMOs.

Companies took advantage of these lower-cost and flexible plans.

Third, home health care took off, growing by 32.5 percent a year.

Between 19, prices rose by an average of 6.4 percent a year.

In the early 1990s, health insurance companies tried to control costs by spreading the use of HMOs once again.

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Medicare helped create an overreliance on hospital care.They are responsible for 85 percent of health care costs. medical profession does a heroic job of saving lives. Medicare spending for patients in the last year of life is six times greater than the average.Almost half of all Americans have at least one of them. As a result, the sickest 5 percent of the populatio n consume 50 percent of total health care costs. Care for these patients costs one-fourth of the Medicare budget.Emergency room treatment is very expensive, making up one-third of all health care costs in America.By 2011, there were 136 million emergency room visits.

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