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Whether you're in South Carolina or Singapore, we can offer original factory parts at a great discount from a source you trust. the maps of Canada and USA do not fit on the GPS unit, so it suggests to install the the SD card, which I bought. Unfortunately, their AWFUL software doesnt recognize it. I've left a message to Garmin support, but I doubt they will be of any help. And, on a further note to that, why don't they start adding more memory to the unit, like 16gb or even 32gb since memory is so cheap now, instead of that measly 2gb ??Does your computer recognize the SD card in the nuvi?If your computer can't see it, then no software will know about it either.With full access to the Race Track, we are able to spend time developing our products in a controlled environment to be sure that you get the best results from our products both on and off the track.Formula Dynamics also ships worldwide and is the only company to offer unique and innovative products such as our acclaimed F1 Products and Drive By Wire Enhancement Modules.As already stated, the 1490 is a 2GB nuvi and an older model.Additional memory can be found on many other models--and for the 1490, Garmin now offers direct auto updates to SD as a way to put the entire map on a memory-limited nuvi model.

Upon service outage you can be notified by email and sms.Does the SD card work in any other device or computer slot that can use a SD card? Please direct us with links to the "other threads here of the same problem." I don't remember seeing them.For the nuvi models that are given the direct map update to SD card (including your 1490), I don't recall any folks reporting failures or other problems.Email notification is an alert with details of the service being down and the error it returns.SMS alert is a short notification sent to your cell phone with the status of monitoring service.

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