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When Ella de Wet, wife of General Louis Botha's military attaché Nicolaas Jacobus de Wet came to the battle front to see her husband she often played on the piano while the nearby burghers sang songs from the Cavendish album.The burghers supposedly wanted to honour their field chaplain Dominee Paul Nel, who often told stories around the campfires about his childhood and his beautiful mother Sarie Maré, who died young.

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In this interview, authors Kim and Mauborgne answer key questions on the theory, application, and impact of Blue Ocean Leadership.

Read more Hub Spot is among a number of companies that name its conference rooms after people who inspired their values.

Among the great women who have been inspirations to the Hub Spot team and have consequently had conference rooms named after them is Renée Mauborgne, co-author of Blue Ocean Strategy.

The melody was adopted in 1953 as the official march of the United Kingdom's Commandos and is played after the Regimental March on ceremonial occasions.

The French École militaire interarmes also sings the song, in its French translation.

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