Im dating rhonda

I just want it to stop falling out and to perhaps reclaim a little of what has been lost this last year.

That would still leave me with thin hair but it would be enough to get by. I am stuck on taking Orthotricyclen, basically forever, because I can not chance stopping for fear of having an increase in the mass shedding I already am already experiencing.

In 2006 I noticed a dramatic increase in shedding and it took off like crazy in 2007.We’re always being challenged in life, one way or the next…think about the challenges you’ve faced up to now. Silly…I knew it wouldn’t take root but at least it wasn’t on the floor.Think about projects or work, life’s little kick’s in the behind…how do you tackle those issues now that you’ve faced the hair loss challenge? I had a habit of collecting the strands and putting them into a bag.My hair loss began after having stopped taking the birth control pill Loestrin FE.Later I found out that it is or at least was, an extremely high androgen index pill. Certainly not me and certainly not my gynecologist who prescribed it to me.

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