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If you really love someone, you have to be open to some level of compromise. If the answer is "because that's what my parents taught me to believe in," it might be time to do some self-study. This controversial legislation stems from a deadly and divisive movement initiated by a Buddhist monk, Ashin Wirathu, whose "969" campaign has caused a wave of anti-Muslim violence that has allegedly led to over 40 deaths in Myanmar since March.

Here are four steps to take if you fear your interfaith relationship may have lost its way. With so much segregation and conflict in the world surrounding faith, it seems that we may never understand one another until we start letting love do the talking.

What of Ireland, though, a country with a relatively short history of pluralism and diversity.

This is a nation where marrying another kind of Christian was once the stuff of backyard gossip and condemnation, forget throwing other religions, cultures and races into the mix.

He said that he wanted his children to know about the things he grew up with -- Santa Claus for example. In modern American society most of us have the ability to marry for love, so while you should be respectful of your family and your culture, if you've exercised your right to choose a spouse, you should make your boundaries with family clear.He was a youthful black man who had moved to Ireland from Nigeria when he was nine. From the moment their union was forged, the young lovers’ came under a hydraulic press of neighbourhood gossip, disapproving friends and constant sideways glances.“If looks could kill,” Otukoya says, “I’d probably be dead at this stage.” Not everyone uncomfortable with a romance between a black man and white woman was as tactile.follows a black man who meets his white girlfriend’s parents.The films couldn’t be more different in approach, but both are cutting works that explore historical injustices, lasting prejudices and social taboos.

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