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Between 19 half of all patent requests in China were for the utility model patents.Full invention patents only accounted for 19.9% of applications, and 87% of those applications were by foreign businesses.By the time four years have passed and your invention is finally protected by a fully-enforceable patent, technology may have moved on. Perhaps the most crucial thing to know about utility model patents in China is that they are awarded with no substantive examination.Only preliminary examination is required, meaning that you can get one easily.Since patent invalidation proceedings are litigious in nature, their general conduct, such as evidentiary requirements, is also governed by the Law on Civil Litigation and the Law on Administrative Litigation.2) Filing Any person, including the patentee, may file a request for patent invalidation at any time after the grant of the subject patent under one or more of the grounds of invalidation stipulated in Rule 64 of the Regulations.Multinational companies, then, have clearly not switched their focus yet in China from more familiar full invention patents to the utility model patents. Though the protection they offer is weaker than companies might be used to, utility model patents can play a very important role.They can give you fast protection for your inventions.

China has three kinds of patent: invention patents, which last for 20 years; design patents; and utility model patents, which last for just 10 years.

OPINION: When France's Schneider Electric faced a patent battle in a Chinese court recently it had reason to feel confident.

It thought it had a solid prior art case for invalidating the patent being used against it by Chinese firm Chint, and foreign companies win 95% of patent cases in the Chinese courts.

Full invention patents can take four years to be granted, while a utility model patent is typically granted in just one year.

This can be crucial for inventions in electrical or electronic fields.

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