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But I need them now, so I guess after December 17th would be too late.

How long did it take you to prepare for the exam on Dec. Jean Marie Reply Much luck to all of you on the exam!

My test at Prometric here in Lowell, MA, will be Monday, Dec 17th. Regards, Rolf Seichter 978-852-5803 Reply Dear Rolf – Much much luck to you on the exam!

I mainly work with the PLI material and also took their class. I was hoping to purchase PLI materials at a discounted rate from someone on this site.

If you are ready to part with your PLI materails that cover the most recent MPEP version 8, KSR etc., please contact me at 971-533-0193. Jean Marie Reply From the Forum: “Future test takers should be very deliberate in reading answers that appear to be quotes from the MPEP.

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I’m a bit fuzzy on detail right now, but in one example it was a 3-4 line quote and the end of the answer used ‘anticipation’ whereas the holding in the MPEP used ‘obviousness.'” Reply Just thought you should know that the exam simulator from Soft Area 51 shows to be from Catprep when you attempt to download it. Hopefully it will be of use to me in the last week I have before the exam. I’ve been practicing law for many years, spent hundreds of hours studying, and reviewed hundreds upon hundreds of questions – but NOT old exams. I failed the test (62%) and need to take it again — though I had noticed how many exam questions had been repeated after the fact! Review old exams ad nauseam — and remember that the USPTO’s goal is to trick test-takers — not to test them on basic, fundamentals.Toyota tried to dismiss the suit, insisting that an online terms-of-service agreement that Miss Duick had clicked on authorised the company to send her the e-mails and included a provision that any disputes over the campaign would have to be handled through arbitration.According to the suit, after Duick's friend signed her up to participate in the campaign without her knowledge, she received an e-mail with a link to a web site where she was invited to have a personality evaluation.Opponents said such a ban violates the state constitution.The measure failed but not before an ugly online dispute in which several male legislators were criticized for sexist remarks, including one who suggested men should be allowed to grab the breast of topless women.

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