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Ireland has embraced online dating with open arms and we here at PARSHIP, think that’s wonderful, for obvious reasons.

was published on June 15th 1914 it was the end of a long and tortuous struggle for the writer who had finished the last story in the collection, ' The Dead', seven years previously.

Since then, I’ve happily found more and more mentions of online dating in the Irish press, not just as a novelty or with attached warnings, but more and more as a perfectly normal way to look for and find love.

PARSHIP is proud to be one of the first companies offering dedicated dating services in Ireland.

Online Magazine If it doesn’t work out as planned and despite feeling a sparkle and butterflies in your stomach, you need to put some distance due to professional reasons, being open is very important.

Online Magazine Being a single parent is hard work, but it can be so rewarding too.

You know that you have all the responsibility of bringing up your children on your own, but you should be able to get a greater kick out of the joys of parenting too.

Yet no matter how you feel about being a single parent, it shouldn’t mean that you have to stay on your own.

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